The largest private medical expert center specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of conditions of the gastrointestinal tract

This site is designed to give you general and useful  information so that you can easily orientate yourself in the world of Gastroenterology medicine and nutrition, our vision is to empower patients through education and provide a multidisciplinary holistic approach to patients care. We believe that every patient should have a clear diagnosis and a personal treatment plan based on their individual needs.

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About Gastromed

Modern medicine has adopted to its liking the outpatient medicine approach, to its method diagnosis and treatment are provided in a medical facility such as a unique community clinic or outpatient clinics of a hospital, however without  hospitalization.

Many tests and treatments have been copied from a medical method to small surgeries and medical procedures that require several hours of supervision.

The great advantage of Gastromed Expert Center is in providing all medical services under one roof.  Majority of the tests are performed on site as well as subsequent treatment and follow-up. At Gastromed you will undergo all the necessary tests in order to achieve the right diagnose and provide you with the best medical advice and treatment. Consulting and treatment are provided according to the diagnosis by the best experts in their field. If necessary, we hold multidisciplinary expert consultation meetings in order to give the best medical solution for you. 

After many years of working with patients and providing service, we realized the need for useful information has grown, and today we know that in order to facilitate your way to us – physically and emotionally – we must equip you with all possible information.

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